Nena St. Louis Nena St. Louis


Shirley Leonard, Oakland, CA

Don Laffoon and Grace Songolo, Laguna Beach, CA

Dr. Leslie Whipp, Pisbo, WA

Dr. Moira Ferguson, University of Nebraska

Bart and Linda Lewis, Austin, TX and Las Vegas, NV

Marjorie Champs Johnson, Lincoln, NE

Roxanne Claire & Greg Goodman, Houston, TX

Mark Mace, San Francisco, CA

Dr. Mary Romeyn, San Francisco, CA

Keith Williams, Oakland, CA

Helen Chance Hayes, Martinez, CA

Vincent Brown, Houston, TX

Courtney Sloan, New York, NY

Dagi and Peter Teschner, Munich, Germany

Susan Mall, Marin, CA

Keith Barish, New York City, NY

Ian Hinchliffe, Oakland, CA

Dr. Richard Grossman, San Francisco, CA

Chuck Andrews, San Francisco, CA

Dennis Tuchler, St. Louis, MO

Sharon Walton, San Francisco, CA

Lori Schafer, San Francisco, CA

Dr. Louis Brown, DDS and Ms. Debbie Friedlander, Boston, MA

Elenor Denker, NY & Florida

Liz Mamorsky & Mel Knox, San Francisco, CA

Dr. Howard Rubin, M.D., San Francisco, CA

St. Louis' work also in other collections, the names of which can be made available.

Nena St. Louis
Nena St. Louis